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Center for Medical Psychology and Counselling (CMPC) welcomes you to our practice! We are a group of caring, compassionate, and experienced professionals with dual backgrounds in both physical health and mental health. 

CMPC specializes in several areas and provides the following services tailored to your specific experience: 


REPROPSYCH  is a multi-faceted service for women, men, and families impacted by reproductive concerns. ReproPsych provides psychological counseling, supportive services, and psychoeducation to individuals and couples struggling with reproduction, infertility, miscarriage and stillbirth, premature birth, surrogacy and donor technology, multiple and complicated births, adoption, postpartum adjustment, pregnancy termination, gynecological surgery, and menopause.


BODYWISE  Our Bodies. Our Wisdom.  Bodywise provides psychological counseling, supportive services, and psychoeducation to individuals and couples struggling with both chronic and acute medical illnesses. 


ADVOCATE  We are empathic, caring physicians and nurses who are expert patient advocates.  We are available to accompany you to medical appointments to ask your doctors and nurses the right questions in the right way.  In addition, we can help you to make sense of treatment options that are tailored to your values and risk tolerance.  We work with you and for you.


CRADLE  Smart Moms. Strong Babies.  Cradle provides pregnant moms and expectant dads with peace of mind with on-demand access to our psychological specialists.  


EDUPSYCH is the professional educational arm of CMPC which provides consultation, education, and certification opportunities for psychologists, physicians, and nurses seeking training and CEUs in reproductive psychology and integrated medicine.  

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Dr. Brita Reed MD, PsyD

The Center for Medical Psychology and Counseling was founded by Dr. Brita Reed MD, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist with years of expertise providing psychotherapy to women and men with reproductive issues and other medical concerns.  Dr. Reed is also a licensed gynecologist who has practiced in Atlanta since 1986 helping women with problems such as infertility, pelvic pain, and gynecological cancers. 


As both a physician and a psychologist, Dr. Reed well understands the effect of physical illness on psychological well-being. While practicing medicine, Dr. Reed felt pulled to the profession of clinical psychology where she could create an environment with the freedom to build strong, meaningful, and nurturing relationships with women and men experiencing reproductive and other medical concerns.

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Center for Medical Psychology and Counseling 

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This is Dr. Reed. I check messages throughout the day. If this is an emergency, please call the Georgia Crisis Line at 800.715.4225 for crisis assistance or go to your local emergency room.

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